Sunset over Paris

Well.. a lot of people and many medias all around the world say that our terrace is the most beautiful of Paris with an…


Lovers @Moncoeur

They were so cute. In the sunny but cold afternoon of this February day, they were talking, looking at each other, speaking, laughing and…


Top of Paris terrace

Yes, our terrace is really nice with its top view overlooking Paris and the Eiffel tower. Everyday when we are preparing it for you…


We love sunny terraces

We love terraces, we love sun, we love good foof, we love drinking beer or wine with friends. It is here, at Moncoeur.


Friendly atmosphere

People feel very good on our sunny and quiet terrace. They can talk, laugh, imagine or think about life. Village atmosphere and cool ambience.


Bastille day fireworks

It is the best place of Paris to admire the fireworks and the view on the Eiffel tower. Our terrace welcomes hundreds of people…