Fall’s soup

When the weather is a little bit colder it is so good to eat a good fresh soup. The chef prepares each day a…


Duck ravioles

Fresh home made ravioles stuffed with duck in a light thaï broth.


Leeks vinaigrette ou way

A simple and classic french recipe. Tender leeks perfectly cooked, and eggs mimosa with a light vinaigrette.


First course

Fall’s velouté Onions carbonara, perfect egg and herb emulsion Duck ravioles, confit lemon, thai jus and somme daily suggestion by our chef Etienne Daviau

cochon confit snacke mousseline celeri jus de cochon

Snacked confit pig

This is a really good recipe. Take pig ribs and let them slowly cook during many hours in a jus. Then take off the…


Tasty rice and milk

It is the taste of our childhood. But recreated by Chef Etienne Daviau. The soft milky rice with caramelized peanuts… Yum yum !



What a wonderful taste in our plates with this maquerel, carot and colorful coliflower.