Live concert on the terrace

Rock, jazz, blues or latina… The music is cool on the terrace of the Moncoeur Belleville when there are musicians coming for a session…


Sunny sunday brunch

Lots of people and medias say that our brunch is one of the best brunches in Paris. And for sure this is also the…


Beef tartare

It’s fresh, it is cut with a knife. And it has a special sauce created by our chef Etienne Daviau.


Friendly atmosphere

People feel very good on our sunny and quiet terrace. They can talk, laugh, imagine or think about life. Village atmosphere and cool ambience.


Coolest terraces of Paris

Shoko the famous trendy website says that Moncoeur Belleville is one of the best terraces of Paris where chilling, drinking or eating is great.


Melon salad

A fresh and sunny melon with some black chorizo and fresh cheese and a twist of olive oil.


Summer salad

The winner of the month, ou beautiful salad with asparagus, avocado, marinated salmon and pine nuts.


Bastille day fireworks

It is the best place of Paris to admire the fireworks and the view on the Eiffel tower. Our terrace welcomes hundreds of people…


Truffle pasta

Fresh pasta like in Italy, with summer truffle and good parmigiano. A tasty dish that immediately takes you in holidays.