The tasty dish of the day

A soft fried egg with avocado and a little bit of garlic cream. You add some rucola and that’s it.


The place to be

This cool French urban magazine loves cool places in PAris. And they say that Restaurant Moncoeur Belleville is the place to be for the…


Very very happy hour

At Moncoeur Belleville the happy hours are happier and happier. Because the huge terrace and its unique view above Paris is wonderful. And because…


We love sunny terraces

We love terraces, we love sun, we love good foof, we love drinking beer or wine with friends. It is here, at Moncoeur.


The most Parisian terrace

This magazine says that we have the most panoramic view of Paris. And they love our terrace to chill and enjoy the sun all…


Fish tartare

The fish tartare is tasty and colorful. A must for the summer. Fresh raw fish with some selected ingredients is a pleasure on the…