Chicken in the sun

A succulent chicken cooked at low temperature then grilled, with zucchinis and a special sauce by our Chef.

Marinated anchovies

A fresh seaside feeling for theses marinated anchovies, with spinach coulis and crispy fenel salad.

Sumer strawberry cake

A fresh and joyful cake to enjoy summer with caramelized filo pastry, fresh strawberries and a homemade cream.

Chic & popular Caesar salad

Slowly cooked chicken the lightly fried in tempura style + Caesar sauce in siphon + homemade parmiggiano biscuit  + fresh salad. What a nice…

chic and popular fish

Snacked mackerel, new garlic coulis, cauliflower, and Japanese eggplant. Summer cuisine by our chefs.

Finger food

A small salmon bun’s. the ideal finger food for an event or a musical party at Moncoeur Belleville. Along with mini burger or chicken…