The fresh and tasty fish plate

The plate is as beautiful as it is tasty. Fresh products, fresh fish and the “savoir faire” of the 3 25 years old chefs…

Mediterranean fish and yam

In a plate that feels good mediterranean atmosphere and sun. Grilled fish filets with yam purée and lemon sauce.

Duck breast and turnips

Take a good duck breast and add some tasty turnips. Grilled them and add honey. Serve in a beautiful plate. That’s all.

Best brunch in Paris?

Every sunday hundreds of Parisians and visitors from all over the world say that our brunch in one of the best of Paris. the…

Our famous parisian brunch

Scrambled eggs made a special ay by our Chef, superb carrot cake, bacon, fruit salad, French cheese, fresh bread, green salad, and a nice…

Shells and green peas

What can we say? Subtile association between soft taste of the shells and the green fresh peas.

Herrings and potatoes

A great french classical dish. Simple but very tasty. Made with a modern twist by our Chefs Etienne Daviau and Philippe Sonou. Herrings, potatoes,…

Your personal beef rib

For real meat lovers. A very good beef rib that you don’t have to share. Prepared by Chef Etienne Daviau with his special sauce. (Be…