Grilled salmon

Grilled fresh salmon, buttered cabbage, ginger emulsion, crispy onions ‪#‎chefetiennedaviau‬

fish and gnocchis

If you like good fish, perfectly cooked, you know where you have to go for lunch or dinner in Paris, Belleville.

pain perdu

You know, it is so good. Our chef makes the pain perdu with a brioche and … well.. you can’t believe how much it…

Dream Team in the kitchen

Chef Etienne Daviau (who worked with chef Eric Frechon et Senderens) and Philippe Sonou (many years with chef Thierry Marx). They create such a beautiful and tasty cuisine.

Vegan rools

Crunchy vegetables, grilled bread jelly and Espelette pimento. It’s new and so good.

The new 2016 brunch

Our brunch is already so famous for Parisians and celebrated by magazines and guide all around the world. In 2016, it will be better….

Great team in the kitchen

Etienne Daviau, our talentuous chef  who workd many years with Eric Frechon (@ Le Bristol Paris) and Senderens welcomes his friend Philippe Sonou who…

Roasted fish

Roasted fish, vegetables and onions pickles byt Chef Etienne Daviau.

Pig confit

Pig confit, black beans and lemon, ginger emulsion.  


Artichoke “barigoule”, cream, cider vinegar, crispy onion