Cuttlefish risotto

In the warm atmosphere of the big room inside the restaurant, it is so good to eat a cuttlefish risotto by our chef Etienne…

Lemon pie my way

It’s like a lemon pie, same taste, so good. But the look is different. A lemon cream on a crumble and fresh soft meringue…

Fall’s soup

When the weather is a little bit colder it is so good to eat a good fresh soup. The chef prepares each day a…

Duck ravioles

Fresh home made ravioles stuffed with duck in a light thaï broth.

Leeks vinaigrette ou way

A simple and classic french recipe. Tender leeks perfectly cooked, and eggs mimosa with a light vinaigrette.

Snacked confit pig

This is a really good recipe. Take pig ribs and let them slowly cook during many hours in a jus. Then take off the…

Tasty rice and milk

It is the taste of our childhood. But recreated by Chef Etienne Daviau. The soft milky rice with caramelized peanuts… Yum yum !