Colorful tasty dish of the day

For lunch we propose a dish of the day. Different every day. Like this slow cooked chicken with rucola coulis and asparagus.

The tasty dish of the day

A soft fried egg with avocado and a little bit of garlic cream. You add some rucola and that’s it.

Fish tartare

The fish tartare is tasty and colorful. A must for the summer. Fresh raw fish with some selected ingredients is a pleasure on the…

Beef tartare

It’s fresh, it is cut with a knife. And it has a special sauce created by our chef Etienne Daviau.

Melon salad

A fresh and sunny melon with some black chorizo and fresh cheese and a twist of olive oil.

Summer salad

The winner of the month, ou beautiful salad with asparagus, avocado, marinated salmon and pine nuts.

Truffle pasta

Fresh pasta like in Italy, with summer truffle and good parmigiano. A tasty dish that immediately takes you in holidays.

Tasty chocolate cake

A sweet chocolate cake with a subtile dulce cream is made to finish a good lunch or dinner at Moncoeur.