Our summer menu is arrived

Our summer menu is here. Come and taste new dishes every day on our sunny terrace or in our warm interior room.

Lunch chic and popular

Every day there are new dishes and a soft lunch formula starting at only 12€. And the sun on our terrace is free.

Tempting dessert

Even if you are not hungry anymore, this lovely and tasty dessert could be eaten without shame.

Roasted oysters

Fresh small oysters are gently roasted then served with almonds, shizo leaves and celeriac.

The sun is in your plate

Our lunch formula is unique in Paris. For only 16,5€ you have 2 dishes + the sun on your table + an amazing view…

A golden mackerel

This fish is so good that it puts some gold in the plate. With a home made “raifort gelée”. Try it on lunch with…