Beetroot salad

Fresh beetroot with a smoked fish cream and home made parmiggiano tiles.  The good choice in our lunch formula.

Tiramisu & love

The chefs put a lot of love in this tiramisu  and they have brought back the sun on the terrace, a little bit in…

Tuna tartar

Enjoy your lunch or dinner with this tuna tartar served with a lemon and ginger shot.

Fish tartar

A beautiful dish of fresh fish prepared by Chef Etienne Daviau and his team Philippe Sonou and François Leduc to begin year2017.

A good Parisian brunch

It’s our last brunch for 2016. We close the restaurant from december 23rd till january 12th.  Enjoy a good Parisian brunch prepared with fresh…

Home made fresh foie gras

Fresh natural foie gras selected by Mimi canette and slowly cooked by our Chef Etienne Daviau. You can taste it and buy some of…

Daily Chef creation

Every day our chefs create nice daily dishes. Chic and popular cuisine for only 12,50€ the dish for lunch. And you have the sun…