Etienne Daviau

Snacked confit pig

This is a really good recipe. Take pig ribs and let them slowly cook during many hours in a jus. Then take off the…

Tasty rice and milk

It is the taste of our childhood. But recreated by Chef Etienne Daviau. The soft milky rice with caramelized peanuts… Yum yum !


What a wonderful taste in our plates with this maquerel, carot and colorful coliflower.

Main course

Gnocchi ricotta, crispy vegetables, cress cream Fish, spinach, pink ginger and emulsion Moncœur Burger Beef steak, carrot and the suggestions of the day proposed…


Kind of lemon tarte with meringue Chocolate perfect cake with nuts chantilly Soup of fruits with rhum and Madagascar vanilla + the chef suggestion…

Lentil salad

A simple but very tasty entrée with lentils, herbs and grilled serrano.