A golden mackerel

This fish is so good that it puts some gold in the plate. With a home made “raifort gelée”. Try it on lunch with…


Beetroot salad

Fresh beetroot with a smoked fish cream and home made parmiggiano tiles.  The good choice in our lunch formula.


Happy hour and cocktail bar

When the girls are behind the bar, the creations are as good as they are beautiful. A real happiness during happy hours.


We have a lot of games for you.

Ask for our games when having good time in the afternoon at Moncoeur Belleville, bar and restaurant in Paris. Classics : Backgammon , Chess, Cards , dices,  Scrabble  Drink and…


Spring is back in advance

It is a nice sunny saturday and the sun is there in the East of Paris. Everybody was enjoying the beautiful terrace.


Daily special

You can taste our chic and popular cuisine for lunch at only 12€ for the dish of the day. But we also have daily…


Tiramisu & love

The chefs put a lot of love in this tiramisu  and they have brought back the sun on the terrace, a little bit in…


For the wine lovers

We carefully choose our wines, most of them are organic. As the gorgeous selection from Chantal Lescure of burgundy ( Volnay or Beaune 1er…