Daily Chef creation

Every day our chefs create nice daily dishes. Chic and popular cuisine for only 12,50€ the dish for lunch. And you have the sun…


Music and brunch on sunday

A beautiful sunny sunday of december on the height of Paris with a wonderful terrace. And a gourmet brunch followed by a live concert…


Good dishes in Autumn

From tuesday to sunday we propose some good and succulent dishes with mushrooms, veloutes and other French specialities.


Brunch and concert

Sunday we have a very good time @Moncoeur Belleville. We listen a cool jazz concert after a delicious brunch (scambled eggs on muffin, sausage,…


Gourmet menu in winter

We want to offer some more gourmet dishes for this end of the year in our warm dining room.


Night bar

Warm ambiance at night. cool atmosphere, good music and good cocktails. What else?


Beautiful chicken

Slow cooked then lightly grilled a beautiful chicken with sweet and salted carrot and vegetables is the dish of the day.



Cic & popular cuisine. Village atmosphere in the heart of Paris. Réalisation : Martin JAYET Images : Clément DE HOLLOGNE Compositeur : Philly GEE…


Our new gourmet brunch

The weather is a little bit fresher. But our new brunch is warm and tasty. Scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage on muffin. Coleslaw,…