A really cool fiesta @ Moncoeur Belleville


There are a few places in Paris where you feel like in a small village square but in the heart of the city.


There are not so many places where you can eat good products, home made dishes and good wines for quite a cheap bill. fete-terrasse-vue-tour-eiffel-restaurant-bar-paris-moncoeur-belleville-adrien-6

fete-terrasse-vue-tour-eiffel-restaurant-bar-paris-moncoeur-belleville-adrien-7Adrien and Nathalie have chosen Moncoeur Belleville bar and restaurant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their wedding. For them the whole restaurant was private an d we have create the party following their desire.

fete-terrasse-vue-tour-eiffel-restaurant-bar-paris-moncoeur-belleville-adrien-3We were so happy to organize this party for them.



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