Terrace cocktail

How can you imagine a better place than our terrace to have a cocktail in front of the Eiffel tower? Come and taste our…

Expresso on the terrace

What else? It’s not Nespresso, it’s mch more better. A real espresso made from organic coffee beans carefully selected. And when you take it…


Creamy and tasty. Made from organic coffee and fresh cream. You can add brown sugar or… for the most adventurous a macadamia syrup.

Cocktail & happy hours

If you love cocktails (old fashioned or originals) you will be (well) served at Moncoeur Belleville. And there Happy hours from monday to friday.

Good wine & good beers

You can drink either carefully selected good wine in our cosy room or a cool beer at the terrace. With your friend’s group or…