Summer salad

Enjoy fresh vegetables and cool atmosphere during summer. It’s time to eat organic food and energetic drinks.

Summer plates

What a pleasure to have a beautiful lunch on the terrace of Moncoeur Belleville. With fresh vegetables and village atmosphere above Paris skyline.

Fish and fresh beans

A lightly grilled fish on a bunch of green beans. Inside the pleasant dining room of Moncoeur Belleville, on a beautiful summer day.

Grilled fish and sweet potato

If you like fish, you have to come at Moncoeur Belleville to eat this lightly snacked Merlu with its sweet potato purée.

Our Chef loves vegetables

Our Chef loves cooking vegetables. Raw or grilled, boiled ou smashed, vegetables are very present in our salads, our vegetarian pasta or around our…

Chicken and polenta

The dish of the day. 12€ for lunch. To have fun, good taste and a good moment to spend alone or with friends.