Our Chef loves vegetables

Our Chef loves cooking vegetables. Raw or grilled, boiled ou smashed, vegetables are very present in our salads, our vegetarian pasta or around our…

Chicken and polenta

The dish of the day. 12€ for lunch. To have fun, good taste and a good moment to spend alone or with friends.

Chocolate brownie

For chocolate lovers, this brownie is the good choice. With a subtile dulcey cream like a chantilly.

Fresh pasta of the day

The daily formulas are changing everyday. It’s time to enjoy Italian souvenirs and to taste this nice pasta.

Grilled salmon

When summer is there, it’s time for salads and grilled fishes ( but not only). This salmon is as beautiful as it is tasty.

homemade apple tart

A tasteful apple pie with home made chantilly and some caramelized almonds. Perfect for gourmets.