Light vegetable soup

Fresh vegetables in a light broth  and tasty Japanese noodles. Perfect for lunch.

Fried cuttlefish

For lunch we change our menu everyday. And it is tasty like this fresh cuttlefish in tempura with a celeriac puréee.

Soups of winter

It’s winter. Taste our tasty soups, like this one with foie gras and chestnuts.

For gourmet only

Ou la la. This lovely dessert “pain perdu” with a french brioche and salted caramelized cream + vanilla chantilly. It is hard not to…

Grilled salmon

Fresh salmon, gently marinated, then soflty grilled. With a ginger foam.  Christmas is not far.

Razor fish for lunch

We have beautiful formulas for lunch starting with a dish of the day at only 12€. Tste our chic and popular cuisine.

A good Autumn soup

When the weather is a little bit colder we make some good vegetable soups. But not only that.

Milky rice for food lovers

When you talk about foodporn you imagine taste little things that make you remember your youth when Mummy was preparing incredible desserts. that’s it….