déjeuner Belleville

A gift to discover our Fall menu

One drink offert when you order your lunch or dinner. Send your address mail to: moncoeurbelleville@gmail.com and you will receive an invitation

Herrings and potatoes

A great french classical dish. Simple but very tasty. Made with a modern twist by our Chefs Etienne Daviau and Philippe Sonou. Herrings, potatoes,…

Your personal beef rib

For real meat lovers. A very good beef rib that you don’t have to share. Prepared by Chef Etienne Daviau with his special sauce. (Be…

fish and gnocchis

If you like good fish, perfectly cooked, you know where you have to go for lunch or dinner in Paris, Belleville.


What a wonderful taste in our plates with this maquerel, carot and colorful coliflower.